10 Types of Nigerian Crypto Bros You Will Meet Online

There are 3 things that are certain in this life – death, taxes and the presence of crypto bros on the internet. You may have likely run into a crypto bro or you may have not. Either way, consider this an introductory course into crypto bros.

Who are Crypto Bros?

Crypto bros are people who buy crypto, sell crypto or work in the crypto ecosystem. Matter of fact, if you have a crypto wallet, you’re a crypto bro. This community has a very low entry barrier but is very high stress inducing. Think of it as entering a swimming pool that is also a stream, an ocean and a dried up lake.

Without further ado, let’s meet the 10 types of crypto bros you are likely to find:


WAGMI stands for “We are gonna make it”, so you already know this bro is always optimistic. His most used emoji is the rocket emoji. The market can be falling to the depths of tartarus and he will still be posting WAGMI. He pitched his tent in the crypto market and that’s where he will remain come hail or highwater.

Elon Musk Lite

Imagine Elon Musk as a Nigerian born and bred in Lagos. Now add privilege and capitalism and excess hustling and crypto enthusiasm to the mix. The Elon Musk Lite bro can be found making cryptic tweets and debating in comment sections. Best believe he owns the top 5 cryptos – BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA AND XRP. He also owns USDT and USDC. But he will never admit to owning them unless backed into a corner.


The Direct opposite of WAGMI bro, “Not gonna make it”. The moment the market dips even a little, he starts calling on the ancestors for help and dragging everybody that has ever tweeted about crypto or blockchain or web3.


Whenever new cryptocurrency is launched, this bro is right there ready to buy. He is always battling fear of missing out (FOMO) and losing. Yet, he keeps buying coin after coin, and participating in as many airdrops as he can catch.

The Whales

The Whales are the crypto big boys, they own and move crypto in large quantities. They rarely speak about crypto but they’re always at the backend moving the market. You’ll probably see them spending your annual salary on a Friday night at Zorya night club or W Bar.

The Dip Buyers

These ones wait for the market to dip then swoop in to buy coins and coins. Their motto is #buythedip come rain or shine. The bearish market is when they come alive and are most active online.

Yellow Crypto Bro

The chillest of all crypto bros. All they do is Sell USDT, introduce people to crypto and make threads explaining how to trade. If you need the best crypto memes, tips and market advice, they’re your plug. They also know where to get the best rates in the crypto market.

BTC Boys

These bros believe in bitcoin supremacy. If it is not bitcoin, they’re not interested. The amount of bitcoin they’re holding might rival that of the crypto whales.

Founder Bros.

Founder bros are always building or announcing a new product or a new round of funding. Their twitter page has a nice balance of life wisdom, finance tweets and blockchain nuggets.

The HODL Bros

These bros are the no retreat no surrender of crypto. If the market likes it, it should fall to the ground, they’re not selling. It is rising to the moon? they still will not sell .. They will hold on to their coins for dear life.

Crypto bros can be a handful, especially to non-crypto people, but they are also quite interesting once you get past all the rocket emojis and acronyms.

If you want a stress-free way to connect to the crypto community and understand how crypto actually works, join the Yellow Card community by checking out the Yellow Card blog or easily buy and sell crypto in Nigeria by signing up. Who knows, you just might become a WAGMI bro or an Elon Musk Lite.


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