3 P2E games that don’t need Ethereum to make waves By Cointelegraph

The rise of blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming was one of the leading stories in 2021 as games such as exploded in popularity and players realized that they could make life-changing amounts of money while also having fun.

Weekly number of games by blockchain. Source: Footprint Analytics

According to data from Footprint Analytics, the network remains the leader when it comes to the number of games launched on-chain, but persistently high fees and network congestion have pushed a growing number of players to layer-2, cross-chain, bridge- supporting networks and competing blockchains that offer lower-cost transactions costs.

Daily volume by blockchain and game. Source: Footprint Analytics
User statistics for Pegaxy. Source: DappRadar
Top 5 games on BSC by volume. Source: DappRadar
Market share of gamers. Source: Footprint Analytics
Top 10 games according to gamer ratings. Source: Footprint Analytics.