Announcing the Kintsugi Merge Testnet

Since returning from the Amphora Unification Workshop, the client team has worked hard to implement the latest version of the integration settings and test them on devnets.

After four rare devnets Kintsugi’s Long live public testnetNow live!

Although client development and UX continue to improve, we encourage the community to begin using Kintsugi to familiarize themselves with Ethereum in a post-integration context. For software developers, as previously explained, not much has changed. Devices that interact only with the consent or execution layer are not significantly affected. Infrastructure that depends on both layers is likely to need to adapt to support The Merge.

We recommend that most projects begin testing and creating prototypes on Kintsugi to address potential issues in the near future. This way, changes can be made to the client and specific versions in the future more easily.

Using Kintsugi

Check out the Kintsugi landing page for information on communicating with the Kintsugi network. You will find network settings, faucet, browser, block, and JSON-RPC endpoints, along with updated files to reflect supported consensus <> client layer combinations.

As a reminder after integration, the full Ethereum client has both a Beacon / Consensus node and an Execution engine (managed by the existing “Eth1” client). Both layers maintain independent API endpoints and peer connections to manage their respective roles. For an overview of Ethereum post-integration architecture, see this post.

Support & Feedback

The EthStaker community is available to provide Kintsugi support. If you have questions, encounter errors or need clarification, they are happy to provide assistance in #testingthemergešŸ¼ Channels of their Discord servers.

With the start of Kintsugi, we hope the community joins #TestingTheMerge. Check out this list of test scenarios for ideas on how to take your test to the next level.

If you identify bugs or issues with the specification, the best place to raise these is in #merge-general Ethereum R&D Discord server channel. If you do not want to use Discord, the other places to raise such issues are specific repositories (API Execution Agreements) and Ethereum Magicians āœØ.

Next steps

Kintsugi testnet gives the community an opportunity to experiment with Ethereum after integration and start identifying any issues. Once the feedback is integrated into the client application and the final specifications of the testnets will be launched. In parallel, test efforts will continue to increase.

After this, the existing test network will run through The Merge. Once it has improved and stabilized, the next move is the transformation of Ethereum mainnet into proof of stock šŸŽŠ.

For those who want to track progress in more detail, the master network readiness checklist is publicly available and updated regularly.

See you at Kintsugi šŸµ!


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