Coinbase wants to decentralize employees grading each other on the Blockchain

From The Information:

Some employees at [cryptocurrency trading firm Coinbase] have been using a real-time evaluation app invented by Bridgewater Associates, the well-known hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio, which helped enforce a culture of “radical transparency” that encourages blunt honesty, according to two people with direct knowledge.

The app, Dot Collector, is sold by Principles, a company Dalio founded. Coinbase’s version lets employees evaluate co-workers, including their managers, on how well they exemplify the crypto firm’s 10 cultural tenets — which include clear communication, efficient execution and positive energy — during meetings and other interactions, these people said. After an interaction, an employee can give their colleague a thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or neutral rating.

I suppose “de-centralized HR blockchains” were inevitable.

Coinbase Tests App for Employees to Grade Each Other During Meetings [Mark Matousek and Amir Efrati / The Information]

Image: Public Domain via PxHere


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