Fringe Finance To Celebrate Platform Launch

According to an official announcement, Fringe Finance will host the biggest ever Metaverse yacht party in Decentraland’s Meta-sea to celebrate the launch of its non-custodial Primary Lending Platform (PLP). The party will start as the platform goes live on the Ethereum Mainnet on June 24th, at 11:00 PM GMT.

Fringe Finance is set to revolutionize Web3 lending and borrowing by engaging crypto assets with a smaller market capitalization in the DeFi economy. Pointing out that “decentralized finance is fraught with challenges”, Fringe aims to bring more inclusion for all its users and stakeholders with intuitive, seamlessly connected open interfaces.

The Primary Lending Platform also aims to provide the widest selection of coins accepted as collateral in the crypto market. Stablecoin owners will be able to earn interest on their deposits, while altcoin holders can take out loans against their assets. Starting from June 24th, lenders may deposit $ USDC to the Primary Lending Platform to earn interest, while borrowers may deposit their whitelisted tokens as collateral to take out $ USDC loans.

The agenda of the 2-hour party is packed with virtual activities. 100 invitees – entertainers, artists, journalists, crypto founders, influencers, members of the Fringe team, and, of course, community members – will exclusively attend and sail over a specially created, giant extension of the Meta-sea in Decentraland’s ocean to relax. , mingle and network.

All attendees will get and access to a Q&A session with the team, ride a helicopter, take part in a treasury hunt, and dance to a set by a DJ Alar. The party will also feature a platform premiere session, a meta-bar, and Fringe-themed games.

Those who wish to apply to be whitelisted can fill out this form and wait for the Fringe team to get in touch.

To learn more about Fringe Finance and keep track of the project’s news, please visit the official website and subscribe to the team’s socials.

About Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance is a lending platform that enables broader access to decentralized financial markets, bridges the gap between established and nascent altcoin projects, and creates a network of shared value. Having identified over $ 100 billion in untapped altcoin liquidity, the project set out to aggregate these tokens and provide DeFi protocols via algorithm-driven ‘smart instruments.’

Through Fringe’s Primary Lending Platform, stablecoin owners earn interest on deposits, while altcoin holders can use their assets as collateral. The USB Stablecoin Platform allows users to mint Fringe Finance USD-pegged stablecoins (USB) with altcoins to gain exposure to sustainable liquidity and use it in the broader DeFi economy. And finally, FRIN Stake & Reward Platform enables FRIN token holders to earn passive income by getting a share of the fees collected by the platform.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.

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