Gnox (GNOX) Treasury Fueled With $50,000 Starting Capital, Offering Better ROI Than Eos (EOS) And ApeCoin (APE)

The Gnox team is excited to announce that their treasury has been fueled with $ 50,000 in starting capital. This provides Gnox with the resources it needs to offer a better ROI than Eos and ApeCoin.

With this increased funding, Gnox will be able to increase the number of its investments which will give high-yielding opportunities to its holders. The capital will also be used for more features and services for its users. Gnox is committed to providing the best possible experience to its users and this funding will help them achieve that goal.

Eos (EOS) And ApeCoin (APE)

Many crypto investors may have overlooked the open-source blockchain platform EOS. The reasons are as obvious as day.

In terms of price performance, EOS has done little to excite even its own community since 2021. Since peaking at $ 6.21 in September of last year, the altcoin has been in free fall.

To the surprise of cryptocurrency investors, EOS experienced an unexpected rally. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has increased by 24.07% to $ 1.58.

On the other hand, ApeCoin has been a high-performer with the price surge seen in the past couple of weeks. The buying pressure has been incredible, driving prices skyrocketing. With the recent uptrend, APE reached a 9-week high of $ 7.8 in the previous week.

Buyers, on the other hand, are attempting to keep the coin soaring this week – and it appears that they are having difficulty. The altcoin is expected to retrace 2.5% over the next seven days, with increased selloffs expected in the coming days.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox allows new cryptocurrency investors to learn about a large portion of the market while also earning passive income – yield farming as a service. Purchasing and holding the token is all that is required for investors to see their investment grow.

When its token is bought or sold, a portion of the transaction goes into its treasury, which is then used to invest in cryptocurrencies and generate passive income on various DeFi platforms. This type of diversification can be difficult for the average cryptocurrency investor. Gnox, on the other hand, makes it simple. Simply purchase the token and keep it.

Gnox has successfully completed its three presale stages and has seen incredible growth, offering investors a staggering 63% price increase.

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