Humanity Forward Celebrates Blockchain Resolution Passed at US Conference of Mayors

WASHINGTON, June 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Today, Humanity Forward is celebrating the passage of a bipartisan blockchain resolution in the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), the largest national organization representing mayors of America’s largest cities. Working with several cosponsors, Humanity Forward helped introduce and pass the resolution recognizing the potential of blockchain technology to create unique opportunities for communities across America to grow their economies and create jobs.

As blockchain technology expands and grows, Humanity Forward and the bipartisan group of mayors are calling for “direct and coherent guidelines for testing, adoption, and use of technologies” that protects consumers and fosters the growing innovation and vast potential of the emerging technology.

“There has never been a more opportune time to embrace technologies that enhance government services and stimulate local economies,” said Mayor. Hillary Schieve of Reno, Nevada, the first Vice President of the USCM, and a cosponsor of the resolution. “This resolution seeks to lay the groundwork for measures that bring blockchain technology to our cities in a safe, accessible way.”

The resolution notes that Blockchain technology has the potential to “provide tools for cities to innovate, to streamline operations, functions, and to better deliver public services and increased access to opportunity for businesses and families.” However it also notes that it is “increasingly clear that there needs to be direct and coherent guidelines for the testing, adoption, and use of technologies built on blockchains in a safe, transparent manner that protects consumers and businesses.”

“We are only beginning to see the potential for blockchain technologies,” said Mayor. Steve Williams of Huntington, West Virginia. “Cities across the nation can experience benefits as far ranging as expanded internet access and improved supply chains.”

Additional co-sponsors include Mayors Cavalier Johnson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Regina Romero of Tucson, Arizona, John Giles of Mesa, Arizonaand Sam Liccardo of San Jose, Californiathe nation’s tenth largest city.

“This news is a welcome step forward for communities, towns, and cities across the country,” said Paolo Mastrangelo, Humanity Forward’s Head of Policy & Government Affairs. “We would like to thank the US Conference of Mayors for prioritizing this emerging opportunity for American families, businesses, and public services.”

Humanity Forward is a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization dedicated to building bipartisan coalitions to advance the economic interests of the American people through federal policy. Uniquely positioned as America’s fastest growing, altruistic advocacy organization, our mission is to advance evidence-based policies designed to strengthen families, generate economic growth, and end poverty.

SOURCE Humanity Forward


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