Kyuubi Token Announces First Of Its Kind 3-1 Altcoin Contract

Kyuubi Token has now been around for a while and has been making waves in the crypto space. This has not stopped the development that has been going on with the project though. With its latest invention, Kyuubi Token is now the first and only altcoin to possess a 3-1 contract.

What this means is that Kyuubi Token will not need to move or migrate in order to add more utility to its contract. It can simply do so by adding the utility, no matter what it is; be it a gamification utility, etc, directly into the contract. The 3-1 mechanism makes it so that the contract cannot be forked or duplicated.

The project which now exists on both the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network is making headway in its nine-pronged utility roadmap, just like the mythical Kyuubi, it is named after. Its contract makes it one of the most effectively scalable projects with agility and flexibility at the forefront of development. So far, two out of the nine have been announced and implemented, meaning that there is lots more to come from the Kyuubi Token team.

Merch, NFTs, And More

Kyuubi Token is not just a cryptocurrency project. It expands well beyond the ‘walls’ of the crypto market. Its massive community has continued to grow and as such Kyuubi Token has made various moves to interact with its community on a more personal level. This has given birth to a merchandise collection that is being released soon and an NFT collection for the Kyuubi Token community.

The merch store is already in its final stage of development and its launch is scheduled to happen soon. As for the NFT collection, it will launch at a later date. However, it is expected to be one of the largest NFT launches. The artist working on the collection has worked for entertainment media giants such as Disney and is bringing all of their years of experience into the Kyuubi NFT launch.

Kyuubi continues to explore the entertainment industry, the intersection of intellectual property and the metaverse. This is at the core of its mission statement and is why it continues to explore various forms of art and entertainment.

“We will always operate to further the ideal of positive community, always emboldened, while delivering economical and technologically or socially meaningful utilities that provide on-chain / off-chain utility for investors, to further grow our community perpetually.” the website reads.

About Kyuubi Token

Kyuubi Token is a meme-based token that gets its name from the Kyuubi which features heavily in Eastern Asian mythology. The nine-tailed fox symbolizes adaptability, gaily, and the ability to grow wise. These are attributes that the Kyuubi Token embodies and have translated into the utilities for the token. It is a community-driven cryptocurrency that is operable on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and plans to integrate even more chains in its quest to become the largest cross-chain utility meme token.

Besides being a working token on the Binance and Ethereum networks, Kyuubi Token has also partnered with Flooz to make the token more publicly accessible. Its 3-1 contract mechanism provides it the ability to be adaptable in perpetuity. The team is KYC’d, audited, and certified safe by security firm, Certik.

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