New Cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin set to Outperform Tamadoge and Rival Solana

It’s no news that the cryptocurrency market is very competitive, with thousands of cryptocurrency projects competing for the adoption and attention of the major crypto players in the market. New cryptocurrency projects looking to be in the coin market apex need strong use cases and utilities, real-life applications, community support, dedicated developers, community support, and effective marketing campaigns.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency that boasts these features. It’s gaining momentum in major Reddit crypto discussion forums, Twitter spaces, and blogs, causing most enthusiasts and analysts to believe it can outperform Tamadoge (TAMA), another recently launched meme token, and even rival Solana, a giant cryptocurrency with web3 and NFTs related. utility. This article reviews the three cryptocurrencies.

Solana (SOL

Solana is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the coin market, with a market capitalization that ranks it among the top 10. Its blockchain has been regarded as one of the fastest in the world of Blockchain technology, and it boasts a rapidly growing ecosystem that supports its continuous growth.

The decentralized Blockchain is built to ensure scalable and easy-to-navigate apps for users worldwide, and it houses thousands of DApps and web3 projects. Rivaling Solana (SOL) isn’t impossible for Big Eyes Coin (BIG); however, it will take years to come and the strong dedication of developers to achieve this.

Solana’s adoption potential, use cases, and functionalities set it above most cryptocurrencies, making it difficult for a new cryptocurrency to rival. However, indicators reveal that Big eyes (BIG) could be up to the task, with many tipping it as the next cryptocurrency to blow in the next few years.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new cryptocurrency project in the meme space of the coin market. It follows the pattern of conventional meme coins choosing a dog-theme, particularly the ‘Dogecoin.’ Tamadoge was launched to rival great meme cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), particularly the former. The project developers aim to achieve this by ensuring the TAMA project boasts enough functionality, use cases, and adoption potential.

Tamadoge ecosystem features a play-to-earn (P2E) platform where users can earn the TAMA token while playing games. The token will also function as a gateway token to the platform’s virtual space – TAMAVERSE, where you can leverage the token to breed and mint your unique Tamadoge pet (NFTs) in the metaverse.

The play-to-earn aspect of the platform is one of its most popular features giving it increased adoption, and we can attribute the success of its Beta presale to this feature. Also, the platform allows users to earn assets from reward pools and other incentives when they use TAMA (Tamadoge token) to complete transactions on the site.

Tamadoge has been experiencing a fair level of adoption since its introduction, but the advent of Big Eyes (BIG), a rival token, can see this adoption rate reduce drastically. Big Eyes (BIG) is set to be a big deal in the meme space of the crypto market and could even outshine Tamadoge (TAMA) seamlessly.

Big Eyes (BIG)

The popular words on the crypto street currently go in the line of “If you’ve got your eyes on the big bag, then you should have Big Eyes ” This reflects the great optimism surrounding the new meme cryptocurrency set to hit the coin market. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is creating huge FOMO amidst market players, and experts believe this hype is a mere bluff – you may genuinely rue not entering the project early.

Unlike Tamadoge (TAMA), Big Eyes Coin (BIG) sells its uniqueness by not following the popular “Doge replacement” or “Doge-related” approach, which is a common trend in the coin market. The crypto project also aims to explore the DeFi space, providing users with the opportunity to harness the space and make the most of its opportunities without leaving out the booming NFTs market too.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to become a blockchain ecosystem that facilitates unrivaled user growth by leveraging NFTs to give them access to various productive events and content. The community-centered project will have a dynamic tax system structured to ensure longevity by implementing Autoburn features, Liquidity pool acquisition, marketing wallet, etc.

The top-notch team of developers is also set to carry out unique marketing campaigns that will see the meme coin grow in popularity, acceptance, and adoption. Analysts believe successful implementation of these plans will see Big Eyes Coin (BIG) outperform Tamadoge (TAMA) and put it on the pedestal to become a top meme token like SHIB and DOGE in a few years to come.

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