Spotify Looking Into Web3 — Get Ready For The Backlash

Despite the market being in flames, billion dollar music streamer Spotify is throwing its hat in the web3 ring – cue intense backlash from employees and musicians alike.

Spotify posted a job listing on LinkedIn looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to lead their expansion into web3. The streamer’s plan is “to impact the way the world experiences audio content.”

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  • According to the posting, the role will be, “responsible for driving growth through new technologies, like Web3. This small and fullstack team is looking for a dedicated backend engineer to help them build engaging new experiences to foster connections with younger audiences. ”
  • It appears they are not looking necessarily for a lot of crypto-related experience. Just someone who is “interested” in learning new tech.
  • Spotify joins a long line of a-list companies hiring web3 developers like Walmart, Amazon, and Google.
  • Spotify is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s from not being particularly generous when it comes to paying their artistsor from their employees staging ineffectual coups.
  • Spotify has some competition from decentralized streaming in the form of Audius. Audius recently announced its integration with Solana, which finally brought rewards to users for listening to music.

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