Tech firm harnesses blockchain technology to eradicate rape and violence against women

I'm Safe app logo view

I’m Safe app logo view

I’m Safe is an app that works with blockchain technology and harnesses the power of a trusted circle to empower women and eradicate violence against women.

INDIA, March 7, 2022 / – Ruah Tech is an International Tech firm with teams in India and Australia providing technology solutions to businesses and nonprofits around the globe. Since the last few years, the company has been building technology to address various crises in today’s world. One such solution is I’m Safe, a mobile app developed with the intent of ensuring women’s safety wherever they go. The app utilizes blockchain technology to create a solution that is immune to any form of external tampering or hacking.

“The idea behind I’m Safe app is to eradicate rape and all forms of violence against women,” says Samson Selladurai, co-founder of Ruah Tech and who is also the man behind the vision of I’m Safe. “Every day, we hear news about women being raped, killed, or sold into a sex trafficking ring. Even though we live in 2022, there is not enough being done to ensure women’s safety. Women should not have to walk down the street in fear for their lives. Safety and security are basic rights and everybody deserves it and that’s what our app aims to ensure. “

“One of the biggest developments in the IT industry is the widespread adoption of blockchain technology,” says Giftson Selladurai, CEO of Ruah Tech. “With blockchain, you have an immutable record of any transaction. The records are decentralized, thereby making it immune to any tampering or hacking. Blockchain technology is a pivotal part of our app as the data it stores authentic information and can be used in a court of law. ”

I’m Safe app is set to launch on 8th March 2022 which marks the International Women’s Day and comes equipped with a full suite of carefully-designed features that would empower women and would take away the worries of parents and spouses while their loved ones are at school, work or outdoors.

The issue of women’s safety has been a pressing concern our society faces. Though there are many measures, laws, and regulations in place to ensure women’s safety, violence against women still continues. I’m Safe is a step in the right direction and can go a long way to reducing issues like rape and domestic violence against women.

“With I’m Safe app, the user can share their location and updates about themselves to a trusted circle consisting of five users. By harnessing the power of a Trusted Circle, the user can rest assured that she can contact her Trusted Circle in the event of an emergency. The app user also has the ability to selectively share to ensure discretion. ”

I’m Safe app has a ‘Track Me.’ When activated, the app actively shares the user’s location with their Trusted Contacts. That way, the Trusted Contacts remain assured of the user’s safety without the need to check on them. Additionally, the user can share text and photos with their Trusted Contacts to provide additional information and keep them updated. When in danger, the user triggers the app’s foolproof SOS feature which alerts the Trusted Contacts and immediately makes them aware of the situation.

“The app captures vital data during the SOS event which is stored in the user’s device and on a cryptographically-secure server. The data stored here is authentic, verifiable, and acts as evidence in a court of law. ”

The app will be available for download on iOS App store and Android Play store and require a stable network to function smoothly. Visit I’m Safe website for more details on the app and the features. The I’m Safe team will be taking inputs, suggestions, and feedback from the users on the website and use it to make further improvements to the app. That way, the app is well updated and prevails over various forms of violence.

“There were some of the major incidents that formed the basis of I’m Safe and the features it contains,” he continues. “In one case, a young girl was on her way to her friend’s party around 12 am. Without warning, she was ambushed by a group of men who violently attacked and brutalized her. She tried to contact her parents, but they had turned their phones silent on account of how late it was. She tried to contact her friend, who unfortunately missed her call. With no one to help her, the girl bled to death just one street away from her home. Police only found her body around 2 am. ”

“The second incident involved a girl who was beaten and stabbed to death by a gang of unknown assailants. The perpetrators then dumped her body miles away from her home. Despite the police’s best efforts, they were unable to find valuable evidence to build the case. ” Following the incident, Madan Gowri a popular YouTuber expressed distress on the issue and questioned why technology which has a potential solution to every problem in today’s world could not provide a concrete one to prevent violence against women. “These two stories and many such incidents like this,” says Samson, “became the catalyst for creating I’m Safe and the features that went into it. We decided that we were going to create an app that would combat all forms of violence against women. ”

“We want women to feel safe,” says Giftson. This app does just that. And during an unfortunate incident, this app will help them get the justice they deserve. ”

About Ruah Tech:
Ruah Tech is an International Tech firm with teams in Australia and Chennai, India. The company specializes in providing user-centered digital assets with the latest technology in the likeness of Blockchain, AR VR and AI. Founded by Giftson Selladurai and Samson Selladurai, Ruah Tech is focused on transforming our everyday lives for good, through the power of technology.

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Ruah Tech
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