Wemade plans to direct more effort to global blockchain business, including in the Middle East

  • Wemade opened Dubai branch in May and now plans to strengthen its global activities
  • CEO Henry Chang visits Dubai and gives several interviews
  • The region with a great potential for game industry and digital assets, suitable for blockchain business

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Wemade is targeting the Middle East region for its global blockchain business. Wemade opened its branch in Dubai, UAE this May, and it was a part of Wemade’s blockchain business expansion. Wemade is the first Korean gaming company to have a branch in Dubai.

The Middle East has a great growth potential for digital assets, blockchain technologies and more. Dubai stands out as an ideal base in the region not only for Wemade but global IT companies in general, as the game industry there is growing rapidly, and the government is taking a positive stance on blockchain.

Recently Dubai announced a pro-blockchain stance and is focusing its effort on innovative digital infrastructure. Preemptive, bold policies on supporting blockchain-based business ecosystems and crypto asset service are also in place.

Henry ChangCEO of Wemade, visited Dubai on Aug 17 and gave an interview on live TV for CNBC Arabia. He introduced Wemade’s blockchain business in general, his vision of inter-game economy, and WEMIX coin. Interviews by other local media followed.

“Games that adapt the blockchain technology such as coins, NFTs and Defi can enlarge the [well-designed in-game] economy beyond the game into the real world, “Mr. Chang explained.

“Wemade has already established branches not only in Dubai but also in Singapore, China, Japanand USA and will continue to do so this year, “he later added.” We will pour everything we have to firmly establish Wemade as a global blockchain gaming company. “

SOURCE Wemade Co., Ltd


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