Why TechPay Blockchain Rose 625% in the Last 3 Days?

TechPay Blockchain

  • The market valuation and volume of the TechPay blockchain have changed dramatically in the previous three days.
  • The coin price was $ 0.12 when it was launched on March 11th, and it has since risen to $ 1.03 in the previous two days.
  • TechPay Coin Features 300,000 Transactions per Second (TPS) & 1.15 Second Time-To-Finality (TTF), Making it the fastest Blockchain ever to exist.
Why did TechPay Coin Rose 625% in the Last 3 Days

In the age where projects promise to deliver, TechPay coin kicked off with a running & heavily tested Layer 1 blockchain, which is even 4.5 times faster than Solana. Time-To Finality of 1.15 Second.

Additionally, TechPay Coin outperformed Bitcoin by 43,000 times and Ethereum by 20,000 times, giving it the world’s fastest endlessly scalable Blockchain to date.

Also, after Implementing sharding into the Blockchain, TechPay Team can multiply Transactions per Second and achieve sub-second Transaction Finality.

TechPay Team created 495,000+ blocks and 2.5 million + transactions without a single transaction failure or reversal on the mainnet until the chain was reset prior to launch.

Moreover, Layer 1 blockchains right now are not practical enough for real-world use. Transacting on TechPay Chain costs merely a fraction of a cent. Only 0.0000021 $ was used in the most recent Blockchain transaction.

TechPay Coin would release Payment Gateway System Even faster than Visa with the security & Decentralization of Blockchain this year.

TechPay coin 13th March 14th March
Coin price $ 0.5019 $ 1.03
Opening price of TechPay coin $ 0.12 $ 0.4238
Volume $ 175,542 $ 1,006,015
Market cap $ 3,012,000,000 $ 6,267,000,000

MC BTC 151,800 BTC 76,800 BTC

What is TechPay Coin

TechPay is the Blockchain that uses Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG) & Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) Consensus Mechanism, a Layer 1 proof-of-stake network. It is incredibly energy-efficient because of its usage of PoS, giving it one of the cleanest networks. This has adopted the Sirius Protocol and uses total permanency in its operations. Also, TechPay’s platform supports infinite scalability, ensuring that it will be ready as the globe moves to Web 3. Additionally, the system is designed to facilitate NFT, smart contracts, and decentralized deployment of applications (dApps). TechPay Coin (TPC), The native coin of TechPay, is used to fuel the program’s operations.

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