You Can Cure Your Dog’s FOMO Four Hours at a Time

It turns out that pets have invested a lot in your work.

In this week’s session. Willamette WeekOf Diving Podcast Independent journalist Calley Hair tells us what to do with our pets when we leave them and go to work for the first time in two years.

Now if you, like me – have never had a pet – and are wondering what someone without a pet can take away from the discussion, I have your answer. It’s really fun to think about pet owners taking themselves out of the house for a four-hour appointment so they can train their cat to be alone. You can laugh and shake your head.

But in ancient times Diving Fashion, we do not stop showing on the surface. Let us visit our show of Oregon representatives who used her cat in an impressive way. Representative Dacia Grayber (D-Tigard) tells us how she used her cat to help her raise campaign money. We sit with Grayber and watch behind the scenes of this clever political movement.

All in less than 18 minutes. And do we have time to inform you? Forget it. Register me.

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